The technology in the First-Year Writing Program’s flex rooms has been enhanced so that these spaces have two of the most technologically flexible and adaptable instructional systems in any of the active learning-style classrooms on the NC State campus.

NC State team members from CHASS IT, which included Justin Daves, Bob Kadle, and Scott Maddox, partnered with Imagenation Systems AV Integrators to design and integrate the rooms’ Crestron digital switching control system. The rooms contain all the functionality of the university’s standard Class-Tech set up, but these truly digitally controlled systems include far more granular control of the LCD screens. This technology offers the ability to display different content on the individual student group monitors while displaying other content on the projector and the lectern monitor; this functionality allows teachers to tailor their instructional content to the needs of different groups of students all in the same session.

Below is a list of helpful information to remember when operating the flex room control systems.

FORMER Digital Control Panel Operation:
  • Touch anywhere on the control panel screen to turn on (will be in PC mode)
  • To control the projector, push the “Projector On” button; the projector will take about 90 seconds to warm up


  • To send content from the lectern, choose the “Lectern Source” button under the “Select a Source” option, then choose your destination
  • To display content on the document camera, push the “Doc Cam” button while in PC mode
  • To send content to the LCD screens, push the “Group Displays” button (on the left side of the screen)
  • To give control of the LCDs to students, choose the “Group Display Default” button


  • photoTo capture content from an individual LCD screen, select the source and then choose the display you desire. NOTE: LCD screens are numbered on the control panel counter clockwise. For example, if you’d like to capture content from LCD #1 and display it on the projector, choose “Group 1 Laptop” under “Select a Source” and then choose “Projection Screen” under “Then Choose a Display.” If you’d like to capture content from LCD #2 and send it to the group sitting at LCD #3, choose “Group 2 Laptop” under “Select a Source,” and then choose “Group 3 Display” under “Then Choose a Display.”


Things to Remember:
  • Students can use the LCD screens without having the main power on at the instructor’s lectern.
  • The DVD players can play all DVD formats, including Blu-ray and European formats.
  • The LCD screens are numbered on the control panel from #1-#5 in T126, and #1-#4 in G121 counter clockwise around the rooms.
  • VCRs are not included in the lecterns, but they can be checked out from the IT Office in Tompkins 117.
  • Should you need assistance operating the control systems in either room, an IT technician is available in room 117 in Tompkins Hall.