Much thought, time, and expense has gone into planning and maintaining the two flexible classroom spaces in the FYWP. With that in mind, we ask that you follow the guidelines below when using these spaces.

For security and safety:
  • The flexible classrooms should be locked any time the class is unoccupied. Always lock the door to these rooms when you leave.
  • When having class in T126 and G121, it is very important to keep the classroom exit clear of chairs, tables, and whiteboards at all times should your class need to exit in the event of an emergency. Do not allow students to position furniture so that it blocks the only points of egress in these spaces.
For professional courtesy:

When vacating the space, please arrange the furniture so that the next class can easily navigate the room and use the resources within it. We ask that you:

  • Erase all the whiteboards.
  • Move mobile whiteboards to the walls around the room in T126 and put the small whiteboards in G121 on the hangers on their tables or on the rail system on the wall.
  • Collect whiteboard markers and erasers and store them in their container at the instructor’s lectern.
  • Clear a pathway to the instructor’s lectern.
  • Situate furniture so that it is not in a cramped configuration that would make navigation difficult for individuals with disabilities.