Tompkins G 121

Room G121: Flexible Classroom 2.0


In 2013 FYWP researchers Dana Gierdowski and Susan Miller-Cochran were awarded grant funds from the SCALE-UP Initiative for the redesign of room G121, which is on the ground floor of  Tompkins Hall.  Extensive research has been done on T126, the program’s first flexible classroom. Based on the results of this research (which included Dana Gierdowski’s ethnographic study of T126, as well as student surveys and instructor interviews conducted over three semesters), a design was developed for G121 so that it would better meet the needs of FYW students and teachers.

Measuring at 563 square feet, G121 is one of the smallest rooms in the program. As a result, different decisions were made regarding the overall room design to allow users adequate personal space and mobility. Major infrastructure changes were made to the space, including decreasing the size of the instructor’s lectern and positioning it against a corner wall in an effort to further decenter the space. The features of G121 include:

  • Four, 46-inch LCD monitors around the room with retractable external video input (VGA, HDMI, and DVI-D input cables with display port or mini DVI adapter for students with Mac laptops)
  • A fixed instructor’s lectern (approx. 4′ x 2′) containing all the functionality of NCSU’s standard Class-Tech components, plus an enhanced, remote Crestron digital switching control system (which allows the display of different content from one LCD to another from the lectern, as well as the display of different content on the individual group monitors while displaying other content on the projector and the lectern monitor)
  • One full-length, wall-mounted whiteboard
  • A ceiling-mounted projector
  • Additional wall outlets around the perimeter of the room for powering student computers
  • Six, chevron-shaped Verb tables by Steelcase on casters that can be configured into three larger tables
  • 16, portable Verb whiteboards that can be stored and docked on the Verb tables
  • Two Steelcase wall-mounted rail systems for storing/displaying the portable whiteboards
  • One Steelcase mobile easel for storing/displaying Verb whiteboards
  • Four square, castered tables that can be configured into one larger table
  • Four tablet-arm Node chairs by Steelcase
  • Armless task chairs by SitOnIt on casters with upholstered seats
  • A mobile, height-adjustable laptop cart for instructor use